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DDP Players

To my clients

It is my pleasure to offer you a free DDP Player that makes it super easy to audition your music without scouring the web for Players and CD Burners that can burn Cue/Wav files.

  • Listen to your music exactly as is was Mastered

  • Burn a Red Book CD directly from the DDP Player

  • Support for Windows, Mac OS, and iOS devices

  • Easy installation

Windows 64-Bit: Windows 10, Windows 7/8 64-Bit

Windows 32-Bit: Windows 7/8 32-Bit

Mac OS 10.12 or higher (has been tested successfully on Apple M1 Silicon running Big Sur 11.2.3)

iPhone 7 or newer, iPad 3 or newer

You are welcome to attempt installation on older computers, but there's no guarantee it will work or be supported.

NOTE! This DDP player is FREE with your Soundporter CD master session only. Sorry I cannot simply give the player away to just anyone who comes here. Once you have used Soundporter for a CD master, the DDP player is yours indefinitely.
But that's all that's required! If I do a CD Master for you, the player is yours!

NOTE! For those of you who have a licensed version of this DDP player, you agree you will not distribute the key, post it online, expose it to anyone other than our clients. You MUST request this permission explicitly from Soundporter. All other Sonoris license terms apply. 

License: By downloading and using this software, you are bound by the license agreement(s) and terms set forth by Sonoris and Soundporter. You are granted no ownership rights to the software for distribution. You are NOT permitted to distribute, share, or otherwise leak the license key to other users. Doing so may subject you to prosecution to the maximum extent of the law.  PLEASE READ the Sonoris license agreement!

Installation / Activation - Windows

Installation / Activation - Mac OS

Quick User Guide

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