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Privacy Policy

Generally speaking I protect your work as best I can to ensure that your art or submissions are kept confidential. Your personal information and any agreement(s) enacted between Soundporter and you as the artist or studio are also kept private to the extent it allows Soundporter to perform the services required. Information collected is secured and never transmitted to any third-parties for marketing or other uses unless explicitly permitted by the person or persons who submit the information. For example, should you sign up for the Soundporter newsletter or email list that allows Soundporter to send you deals or coupons, Soundporter is given consent to use a third-party to handle the technical duties of such emails or newsletters. Soundporter may occasionally send you an email to keep us in touch, but nothing outside our relationship. I may also provide you with news of discounts or offers on an infrequent basis. At no time does Soundporter allow any entity other than itself to use your information to better its own services. If you decide to opt-out of such mailings, your information will be removed and never used again, unless you provide consent again. Your information is never sold or shared with any other third-parties. If you found this policy through an advertisement, the platform hosting it has a separate Privacy Policy. 

This website was built with Wix, and Wix maintains any privacy policies bound to this. Wix does track visitors to the site for my Wix app. However, my website is not designed to collect any information from you outside of that and the Contact forms.

Soundporter never speaks of or puts into text any news or confidential artist, release, or other non-published information not already printed or heard through any news agency publication, or public announcements made by the artist, label, or promotional entity. Your release strategy is critical. I fully understand this and honor that, always!

All credit-card or other payment information is never collected by Soundporter. All transactional payments are made through Swipe FilePass, or Paypal Corporation or through the known creditors you use for your own credit card(s). Payments stored for future use are only collected and stored with Swipe, FilePass, or Paypal Corporation, and never accessible by Soundporter.


Any music, media, etc. that is transmitted through a Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, FilePass or any other online storage or file transmission company is guarded as closely as possible, but all media and music is stored and protected by those entities. Soundporter typically retains a local and cloud backup of the work done, but there is no guarantee that the backups will always be kept intact for eternity. The work may be deleted after 18 months, but could be retained for longer, should storage be made available. You should retain full backups as well. All local and cloud backups are encrypted in transmission and at rest.

Any login credentials given to you for accessing music/media, or any login credentials extended to Soundporter will be guarded as Best-practices recommends. Soundporter never extends login credentials you provide without your express consent. Login credentials are deleted/destroyed after use or the project is completed. Never, at any time will Soundporter transmit login credentials, password, or other secured information through email unless the credentials are encrypted to at least 256Bit AES or better encryption levels.

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