My background is largely self-taught, but includes nearly 20 years of research, recording professionally and privately. It's amazing what one can learn through years of frustration. What's great about it? I have the experience to virtually eliminate all the mistakes the more fortunate (you) won't have to make!

So? What do you know?

Working on sessions in several studio outfits in the North Alabama, Middle Tennessee markets, and taking on many mixing/Mastering projects inside and outside the general SE area I have developed my skills to provide you the best results possible. And I don't just work on my chops during sessions. I find myself researching new tools and techniques, and listening all the time.
Most importantly? Ears. I have a pair, and they work pretty well. I sometimes hear dying smoke detectors beeping from across the street.


Anyone can learn this skill online, right?


True, one can learn a lot from books and and online videos and training classes. But learning the hard way, the working way, and from a teacher is absolutely the best way!

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