First of all, thank you for taking a moment of curiosity to come here!


Soundporter is a brand new Mastering solution based out of the Nashville area, with a solid goal to make music creation more streamlined. The method is simple:


       Keep the Mastering process great, fluid, and human.

There's no shortage of clients quickly adapting to rising instant and cheap online Mastering services, but I feel humans still prevail. Soundporter can compete in a new way, meanwhile still keeping music human.

What Soundporter offers aside from traditional Mastering is Iterative Mastering. Find more info here.

But you Master as well, or already have Mastering studios you frequent?

Don't worry, I'm not here to pull any established friendly business away from you or your favorite engineers. There are so many studios doing a fabulous job at all aspects of recording, mixing, and Mastering, I just want to be a part of that story-telling. What I offer is a fresh pair of ears, an incredibly low cost, and the approach of making Mastering even more flexible than most clients are used to.

Please, feel free to check Soundporter out here and be sure to send me something to A/B my services. I'd be thrilled to be included in your lineup for consideration in future projects.

Even if you offer Mastering services yourself, perhaps, if you find yourself a bit overloaded or booked up in a recording or mix session, feel free to engage me to help you meet your deadlines!

Thank you so much for your time!

Brian Murphree

Mastering Engineer