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"I definitely have other material for you! You made that mix sound great!
I can’t wait for you to get your hands on some of my others! Can I get your number?"
- Melly Baldwin (Atlanta, GA)


Human Ears, Human Care, all the way!

Garden (before)
Garden (after)
Daniel Cordero - Devil's Doll (before)
Daniel Cordero - Devil's Doll (after)
Jason Jones - Symptoms Of Modern Society - (before)
Jason Jones - Symptoms Of Modern Society (after)
Sad Larry - Gravity (before)
Sad Larry - Gravity (after)
Kora CA - Vayu. [TCO Remix] - (before)
Kora CA - Vayu. [TCO Remix] - (after)
Trust Him (before)
Trust Him (after)

All songs used with the artists' permission, and copyright of those artists or respective record labels. 

Hear Jason on Tidal!


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