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Human Ears, Human Care, all the way!


Mastering shouldn't be a mystery.

It should be magical.

"This sounds so good! I love the polish and focus this brought. I am very happy with the results!"
-Ryan Baugess


Mastered Samples

Listen to Before and After samples of previous work.

TempoHeart - Diizzy - mix (before)
Tempo Heart - Diizzy - CD-Master (after)
Night Without Cars - Lull - mix (before)
Night Without Cars - Lull - CD-Master (after)
Blaq Irish - Function - mix (before)
Blaq Irish - Function - CD-Master (after)
Elin Evelina & SEESHAA - Why do you (before)
Elin Evelina & SEESHAA - Why do you - CD-master (after)
Garden (before)
Garden (after)
Daniel Cordero - Devil's Doll (before)
Daniel Cordero - Devil's Doll (after)
Jason Jones - Symptoms Of Modern Society - (before)

Hear Jason on Tidal!

Jason Jones - Symptoms Of Modern Society (after)
NWC - Mother Tongue - mix (before)
NWC - Mother Tongue - CD-Master (after)
Kora CA - Vayu. [TCO Remix] - (before)
Kora CA - Vayu. [TCO Remix] - (after)
Trust Him (before)
Trust Him (after)

All songs used with the artists' permission, and copyright of those artists or respective record labels. Mix versions may be shortened for file size limits. All masters are CD masters, because competitive level CD's are largely more difficult to achieve, meanwhile maintain vitality, clarity, and dynamics.


Need a fresh pair of ears to hear your mix?
Stop worrying whether your mix is ready for mastering!

I'll listen to your mix FREE and give you feedback!

I'm on your team. Think of me as your human mix bus.

The 'Iterative' Master

Once you've paid for an initial master, you can easily make mix revisions and send them back over for another pass at a fraction of the cost!

40,000 masters and counting!

No. That's not what I claim. In fact, if you're reading something like that on any mastering website, you should question why that number is so important. It often means your master is just one in a long line of "units". How much quality time has the engineer spent on your music?


Grammy-winning mastering houses don't advertise the numbers they achieve, they're known by the clients they attract. If you want an amazing master from a mastering engineer who thrives on quality and treats your master like it's his own work, you're in the right place.

We have the world's finest gear!

No. That's not what I claim, either. Clients shouldn't worry about only the equipment the mastering engineer uses. If you've been told to judge a mastering engineer based on their mastering chain, you may just miss out on a better master. The result is the "prize", is it not?

The single biggest difference between a decent master and a great master is accomplished by the mastering engineer, not the gear.


I maintain a hybrid hardware/software mastering chain. Yes, there are some amazing pieces of hardware out there, and the owners will swear by them. I've been there.

I don't use a piece of world-famous hardware because it's the one lauded as a "holy grail". I use it if it's the right EQ.


Send me a mix and get a free demo.

You should ask for a free demo. It's wonderful to hear your mix as a test master from even multiple mastering engineers. Like the demo enough to release it? Just purchase the download right there for a discount and you're free to just run with it! Easy!

Then, use the purchased download as a credit toward a full mastering session or more!

Mastered your music elsewhere, but would still love to hear what I can do? Almost no mastering engineer offers this! If you send me the exact same mix you sent to another mastering engineer, I can produce a demo master you can compare it to. How's that for friendly service!


Spectral Editing

Even AI can't fully appreciate what humans can hear. Don't settle for technology alone to solve issues in music tracks.

As a quarter-hourly service, I can help solve these problems that plugins and AI can't even touch, and save you money and frustration!

When artifacts and glitches in recorded tracks are difficult to eliminate, plugins and other software fail to correct such issues in music, because they can't easily discern the difference between artifacts of error and pure sound.

When you contact me I'll also email you a checklist to get you ready for mastering,

plus my 100+ page Soundporter mastering e-Book, Prepping For The Master, (a $30 value)!



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I may not be available at all hours. I do need to sleep at night to keep my quality super high.

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