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"I definitely have other material for you! You made that mix sound great!
I can’t wait for you to get your hands on some of my others! Can I get your number?"
- Melly Baldwin (Atlanta, GA)


Human Ears, Human Care, all the way!

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Mastered Samples

Listen to Before and After samples of previous work.

Garden (before)
Garden (after)
Daniel Cordero - Devil's Doll (before)
Daniel Cordero - Devil's Doll (after)
Jason Jones - Symptoms Of Modern Society - (before)

Hear Jason on Tidal!

Jason Jones - Symptoms Of Modern Society (after)
Sad Larry - Gravity (before)
Sad Larry - Gravity (after)
Kora CA - Vayu. [TCO Remix] - (before)
Kora CA - Vayu. [TCO Remix] - (after)
Trust Him (before)
Trust Him (after)

All songs used with the artists' permission, and copyright of those artists or respective record labels. 

Mastering shouldn't be a mystery.

It should be magical.

Anyone can be a little nervous about what happens after the mix is done.

My promise is to give your music its best sonic performance, not change it.


Need a fresh pair of ears to hear your mix?
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I'll listen to your mix FREE and give you feedback!

I'm on your team. Think of me as your human mix bus.

The 'Iterative' Master

Once you've paid for an initial master, you can easily make mix revisions and send them back over for another pass at a fraction of the cost!

Many formats

Not all formats require the same master. One size never fits all.

A loud CD master may not perform as well on streaming platforms or vinyl.

This is why I master in multiple formats.


vinyl pre-master


radio airplay



AIFF (Apple)


Aggregator (Tune Core, CD Baby, DistroKid, and more)






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* With minimum 6-Song package. You will receive a link to the download site and receive a free license key. All copyright, patent, or other intellectual property rights reserved by Soundporter and Sonoris.


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