"I definitely have other material for you! You made that mix sound great!
I can’t wait for you to get your hands on some of my others! Can I get your number?"
- Melly Baldwin (Atlanta, GA)


Human Ears, Human Care, all the way!

What compliments a great mix? A great master!
Let me take your mix to a level higher than you might expect!

I'm on your team. I'm ready to help you realize the best potential of your music! This isn't your laundry, this is your creation!

The 'Iterative' Master

Once you've paid for an initial master, you can easily make mix revisions and send them back over for another pass at a fraction of the cost!

* With minimum 6-Song package. You will receive a link to the download site and receive a free license key.
All copyright, patent, or other intellectual property rights reserved by Soundporter and Sonoris.

FREE Song!

Send me a song to master for you at no cost. If you like the result, let's do more!

Download a free Player to audition your Soundporter DDP images and burn your own demo CD!

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